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What is my purpose?

What are my dreams?

How can I make a lasting impact in my world?


These are just a few of the questions that young adults are asking themselves today. Known as the “Information Generation”, they have access to enormous amounts of data offering unlimited opportunities, which can make life more confusing and more difficult to figure out what they really should be doing.

Sure….they can just choose a career that sounds interesting, go to college and start living out their lives.

But what if there was a better way?

What if they could discover their core strengths, gain clarity on their purpose and begin to pursue what they’re really passionate about?


That’s why we’ve created the Next Steps Workshop.


The Next Steps Workshop is a two-day workshop for career-minded young adults to discover their strengths, gain clarity on their purpose, uncover career interests, and begin to develop a strategy to walk out their next steps. These young adults will also begin to develop a macro and micro vision for their lives and establish an accountability process to get there.

What does the workshop entail?


Purpose is the fuel propelling meaningful action in people’s lives. On day one, participants dive deep and unearth their unique strengths, interests, and personality by completing industry-leading assessments. This discovery time reveals and links who they truly are to a meaningful, fulfilling and impactful purpose and passion. As participants discover and celebrate their natural design, they are free to pursue the life path right for them. Next, they develop a life purpose statement to grasp a concise, compelling statement they can internalize. They then identify roadblocks they may need to overcome as they pursue their individual life purpose.


As participants understand their unique design, they will next be inspired and encouraged to visualize their future and write it down. They will be guided through a life-changing exercise as they stretch their thinking to dream about what they truly want in their lifetime. Statistics show those who write down their vision accomplish much more in life.


As participants see a preferable future for their lives, they will not stop there! They then create a clear strategy to arrive at their desired vision. With guided exercises, participants develop a strategy for their life paving the way for their future success and purpose.


Participants then learn Four Dimensions of Accountability and determine their own accountability process. Accountability ensures follow-through on the visions and goals created and written during the two-day workshop experience.

Friday Night

Discovery & Purpose

5:30 pm | Check in/ Dinner
6:00 pm | Kickoff
6:15 pm | Session 1 Discovery
7:00 pm | Break
7:15 pm | Session 2 Discovery Pt 2
7:45 pm | Session 3 Purpose
8:30 pm | Conclude


Vision, Strategy & Sustainable Accountability

8:45 am | Arrive/ Breakfast
9:00 am | Kick off
9:15 am | Session 4 Purpose Pt 2
10:15 am | Session 5 Micro Vision
11:00 am | Break
11:15 am | Session 6 Strategy

12:00 pm | Lunch
12:45 pm | Session 6 Strategy Pt 2
1:00 pm | Accountability
1:30 pm | Summary/ Individual Sessions
2:30 pm | Conclude

Meet Our Team

Joy Scott

Co-Creator of Legendary Next Steps Workshop, Life Coach, Speaker

On July 11, 2011, the life of Joy Scott and her family changed forever as her firstborn son Joseph was diagnosed with a highly aggressive brain tumor. Through countless hospitals visits and invasive surgeries and treatments, her family faced the unthinkable as Joseph was called to heaven. On this journey however, Joy and her family discovered a love from God like never before, a grace to endure the most excruciating of seasons, and a peace that surpasses all understanding.

In the years that followed, Joy chronicled the family’s journey in a book called Unstoppable that was published in 2015. Additionally, Joy and her husband Jon began Joseph’s Joy, a non-profit organization designed to offer hope and financial help to children and their families battling life-threatening illnesses around the world.

Joy’s powerful message of hope unstoppable and love unrelenting will inspire and challenge your view of life, love, and loss… forever.

Today, Joy Scott is a successful author, speaker and life coach. She lives just north of New Orleans, La with her husband, Jonathan and their two sons Josiah and Joshua.

You can learn more by visiting

All proceeds from their book benefit the Joseph’s Joy non-profit organization and the children and families they serve.

Philip Nicaud

Founder & CEO of Legendary Leadership Consultants

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Phil purchased and founded multiple businesses, primarily in the oil and gas industry. Phil then founded and currently serves as CEO of Legendary Leadership Consultants located in Mandeville, Louisiana. As chief strategist he has coached hundreds of top-level leaders across America. He leads his clients through a unique planning process that gives them a huge advantage in reaching their potential in every area of life.

Today Phil, his wife, Alisa and their five children live just north of New Orleans, Louisiana. The Nicaud family is involved in their community and passionate about serving others.

Alisa Nicaud

Co-Creator of Legendary Next Steps Workshop

Cost of the Workshop 

$750  $600 Introductory price

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What our Participants are saying….

I learned more about myself and my purpose in a day and a half than all of my years in high school.

I absolutely found the workshop beneficial. I came into it with having no clue what I wanted to do with my life, and I’m leaving with peace and reassurance that I’m on the right path.

The workshop gave me the tools I need to continue researching about careers to explore and I learned more about myself.

This workshop showed me a lot about myself and taught me how to really work for my goals.

The workshop was very practical, engaging, and personal. Mrs Joy and Mr Phil made time for one on one mentoring during workshop which was very helpful.