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“You're a hard working, risk taking, successful leader. Along your journey however, you have experienced remarkable challenges and victories, leaving you feeling successful in some areas, but lacking in others.

As a husband, father of five children, and a serial entrepreneur, I completely understand. In fact, for over 20 years that was my struggle ... Until I discovered a process that elite leaders use to achieve success in every area of their life.

Hi, my name is Phil Nicaud.  As a chief strategist, I work with over 70 founders, CEOs, and leaders around America helping them to enhance their life, leadership, and legacy.

I love adding value to leaders helping them to reach their highest potential.  Click "LEARN MORE" below to connect with me at one of my events or "CONTACT" above for a free consultation.”

Executive Leadership Development

Coming in March 2019


Organizational Consulting

In keeping with our core business, we offer a unique process designed for each of the following areas to serve you and your team.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Cultural Development
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Leadership Development
  • Training
  • - Situational Leadership
  • - DISC
  • - Strength Finder

Executive Coaching

Discover your design – Create your idea plan – Reach your highest potential. Our annual coaching contracts are arranged in person or over the phone/skype, connecting bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly.

  • Individual Coaching
  • Group Coaching

Transformational Events

From one-on-one life planning retreats to public workshops, our events are designed to provide clarity, direction and focus for you and or your team.

  • Personal or Group - Life Planning Retreats
  • Private Workshops
  • Public Workshops

Inspirational Keynotes

Phil’s ability to captivate audiences with personal stories of heroism, humor and heart is inspiring and compels them to believe for a brighter future reaching their highest potential.

  • Living life on purpose
  • The secret life
  • High performance leadership
  • Building a winning culture in today’s world


Take your personal and professional life to the next level, join Phil at the Legendary Leadership Experience this December 6-8 in New Orleans at the Ritz Carlton.



Philip Nicaud is the founder of Legendary Leadership Consultants, located in Mandeville, Louisiana. As a Chief Strategist, Phil coaches over 70 founders, CEOs and leaders around America.


Legendary Leadership Consultants was started to address the needs of organizational leaders who want to lead a balanced, healthy life.

All services are designed to assist founders, CEOs and leaders, giving them the ultimate advantage of healthy life and leadership. We understand the unique pressures and stressors that leaders carry.

We use our processes and tools that have been developed over 20 years to assist leaders in clarifying their desired outcomes, developing their strategies and executing their plans with accountability…in every area of their life.

Simply put, we inspire people to lead legendary lives!

Philip Nicaud is the founder of PJN Consulting Group, located in Mandeville, Louisiana. As Chief Strategist, Phil coaches over 70 founders, CEOs and leaders around America. His clients are led through a process that gives them a unique advantage in reaching their highest potential in every area of life. Phil is also a keynote speaker and trainer, inspiring real-life transformation through topics such as intentional living, high performance leadership, creating a flourishing culture and more.

After serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, Phil purchased and founded multiple businesses and served as a Senior Executive in a growing oil and gas company. Along his journey however, Phil struggled to find a healthy balance between his personal and professional life – which almost led to the loss of his business, some key relationships and ultimately his marriage. Through this difficult season he discovered a process for healthy living that gave him the balance he desired.

Today Philip, his wife, Alisa and their five children live just north of New Orleans, Louisiana. The Nicaud family is involved in their community and passionate about serving others. Philip life purpose is to inspire leaders to reach their highest potential.


“Phil has done an incredible job of coaching our leaders and sharing the consistent message of our core values throughout the Premier organization."


CEO Premier Automotive
"Philip has been a great asset to Pelican and has provided multiple services to our company over the past 5 years. As a part of his service, he helped to create and implement a new organizational structure which helped facilitate and manage fantastic company growth. We were also able to utilize his great personal skills in an important initiative to further strengthen our company culture and gain valuable insight from our front line team members. Philip has been a big part of Pelican’s success over the past 5 years and we look forward to continuing to engage his talents as part of our company’s growth."


CEO Pelican Energy
“My relationship with Coach Phil has been transformative over the past 3 years since I started working with him. Phil has an amazing gift of bringing a different level of perspective to life. In working with Phil I have developed insights and strategies that are life changing in regards to my family and business. It is truly a holistic approach to fulfilling my God given potential in all the important aspects of my life. I have seen tremendous and amazing growth in my marriage, family, business and life in general. Phil has a unique ability to help draw out the heart of the matter and help me build practical strategies and tactics to create positive change. I would characterize his process as true intentional living and it is tremendously powerful and life changing. The best part of it all is that I love Phil and enjoy working with him. He is encouraging, gracious and a joy to be with. I look forward to our time together with Phil even though he is my coach and will ask me the hard questions to keep me accountable. Phil is truly a blessing to me and my life.”


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